Smart Products, Smart Manufacturing: Meet GOGOA's HANK Exoskeleton

Meet HANK: a rehabilitation aid that provides a constant gait pattern, speeds up traditional rehab time, and improves patient outcomes. Materialise & GOGOA provide a live demo of the exoskeleton and discuss how integrating electronics and 3D printing create smarter products for a healthier world.

HANK is a high-tech gait rehabilitation exoskeleton, a world-first with 6 motorized joints and an adaptive gait pattern. The exoskeleton's integrated controls allow easier usability for physical therapists, while the adaptive gait pattern speeds up traditional rehabilitation times and improves patient outcomes.

In this presentation, Materialise and GOGOA will provide a live demonstration of the exoskeleton in action and highlight the role played by 3D printing in enabling a smart product with integrated electronics.

Speaker: Radhika Dhuru, Market Manager – MedTech