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Waterjet cutting

Regardless of whether you need strips, rectangles, or nearly finished milling components according to your drawings, our precision-manufactured milling blanks are the ideal solution.

Gentle cold processing: Waterjet cutting is a cold processing method that is gentle on the material. It prevents tensions, micro-cracks, and chemical damages, making it particularly beneficial for cutting titanium plates.

No edge hardening: Titanium tends to absorb oxygen from the air at high temperatures, which can lead to the deterioration of material properties, such as becoming brittle due to the alpha case phenomenon. Waterjet cutting does not generate heat, thus preventing oxygen absorption and ensuring that no Heat Affected Zones (HAZ) are formed.

Customizable cutting quality: Clients have the option to choose from various cutting qualities, ranging from rough to fine, in order to meet specific requirements.

Cost efficiency for all batch sizes: Waterjet cutting is economically attractive for both small and large batch sizes, and minimizes material waste with its precise cutting technique, utilizing a cutting stream width of 0.2-1.5 mm.

Wide material selection: This method is capable of processing a wide range of material thicknesses, from 0.2 mm up to 100 mm.

Environmentally friendly: Waterjet cutting is considerate towards the environment as it does not emit any harmful gases, vapors, or molten metal droplets.

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