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Innovation, together we do it

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About us

Innovation, together we do it

The world is constantly changing. New lifestyles, new desires, new insights, and new goals demand effective solutions tailored to market requirements. Long before innovation became a buzzword, we recognized its importance, and began to specialize in working alongside clients as a dynamic, reliable partner, helping them to secure competitive advantage in a changing landscape. Based on your medical requirements, we assist you in designing your technical product and developing it through the stages of design verification, design transfer, and all the way to successful market launch.


From ideation to market launch

Helbling Technik employs more than 400 skilled, highly trained professionals including engineers, computer scientists, physicists, and human factors experts, with backgrounds from medicine and neurobiology to industrial design. Cross-functional teams develop a wide range of innovative products for Medical Technology clients, a key focus of ours for over two decades. Helbling operates innovation centers in Switzerland, Germany, the USA, and China to support clients in developing the next generation of medical devices and instruments from ideation to market launch.


We are specialized in Medical Technologies

Helbling’s size and collective experience allow us to build teams with the right skills and engineering disciplines to develop novel medical technologies and products. In addition, we offer an independent network of partners who complement our know-how, enabling us to cover all aspects of medical technology innovation. Specifically, and in addition to our comprehensive engineering faculties we have established relationships with key opinion leaders, doctors, researchers and scientists, hospitals, and sourcing partners that enable us to quickly build dynamic innovation networks for our clients.