IFTEST AG – Design for Excellence (DfX)

Design for Excellence (DfX) starts in the early phases of the development process in order to manufacture products efficiently, cost-effectively and with the right quality. Iftest AG supports you throughout the entire life cycle: from the idea to the prototype to the series product and beyond.

From your idea to a solid electronics design

The life cycle consists of different investment phases and, after a successful market launch, the longest possible profit phase as a return on investment. We use your idea to create a solution concept and the requirement profile for an electronic assembly. The solution concept is an important step because it forms the basis for a solid electronics design. The earlier a production partner is involved in the development, the faster your product will be ready for the market and enter a successful profit phase.

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DfX implementation

We take all parameters into account during hardware engineering and layout. Of course, functional and mechanical properties are paramount. But manufacturing, testing, logistical and commercial considerations are taken into account.

  • Can the assembly be mass-produced using standard automated production systems?
  • Can manual operations be eliminated?
  • How can errors in the production process be avoided or detected as early as possible?
  • Are components available in the required quantities on a long-term basis?
  • Which suppliers do we rely on?
  • Are the costs within budget?

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Iftest – your partner – your benefit

With Iftest as your solutions-oriented partner, you can develop your electronic assembly with a focus on suitability for series production right from the start. Benefit from our many years of experience in engineering and production and save yourself design loops and lengthy iterations. Iftest has concentrated expertise for the effective industrialization of your project.

Our experts are there for you in all of the following areas:

  • Hardware and software engineering
  • Test engineering and instrumentation
  • Approvals and EMC issues
  • Purchasing, logistics, obsolescence management
  • Electronics production
  • Assembly
  • Repair service

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