Product Swiss Medtech Expo 2023

NAGINELS®: Non-Aggressive Glass Internal Engraving Laser System (Patented)

LASEA has developed and patented the NAGINELS® technology (Non-Aggressive Internal Engraving Laser System) to meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

NAGINELS®: Non-Aggressive Glass Internal Engraving Laser System (Patented)

  • Non-Invasive technology
    • Marking inside the glass, no glass particulates
    • No microcracks, no change in glass strength (crush test data available on request)
    • Low energy transmission
    • Non-erasable marking as intra-volume
  • By design, no impact on drug product
  • Possibility to mark the vials already filled-in
  • Compatible with high speed processing, while marking highly informative code
    • 600SPM
    • Up to 16x16 datamatrix,
    • Down to 0,6mm x0,6mm

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Microfluidic diagnostic tools

LASEA offers complete laser solutions dedicated to the production of lab-on-chip solutions.

The optimised control of ultra-short pulse laser sources coupled with the LASEA unique optical modules can provide the best athermal solution to engrave and drill micro-channels on different kind of polymers.

The same laser source can also be used for other process like cutting of the complete plate.

Finally, by adjusting the laser parameters and optical configuration it is also possible for example to weld 2 layers of the microfluidic device or to provide traceability with a simple laser marking process.

The LASEA machine can easily be coupled with a collaborative robot (cobot) to avoid human contact and take care of the part transfer to different stations.