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Swiss Medtech Expo
Trade Fair Information

Symposium programme offers numerous Highlights

Swiss Medtech Expo 2023 offers compact and structured knowledge transfer. At the symposium, renowned experts from a variety of application areas will provide practical information about the current state of medical technology.

Werth Messtechnik GmbH Hall 2 / D 2103

TomoScope® S Plus – the evolution of measuring range and accuracy

Werth TomoScope® coordinate measuring systems with computed tomography offer high measuring speed at high resolution. Transmission tubes with 80 W tube power allow measurements up to five times faster than conventional reflection tubes with the same structural resolution.

LASEA Switzerland SA Hall 2 / E 2132

NAGINELS®: Non-Aggressive Glass Internal Engraving Laser System (Patented)

LASEA has developed and patented the NAGINELS® technology (Non-Aggressive Internal Engraving Laser System) to meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

ANTRIMON Group AG Hall 2 / F 2148

Antrimon Group AG becomes part of the SwissFactory.Group

Antrimon Group AG will become a member of SwissFactory.Group AG as of 1 July 2023 and, with its decisive expertise in the development of integrated drive systems from mechatronics, will increase the range of services offered in the field of engineering.

MedPlan Engineering AG Hall 2 / F 2156

Medical technology planning

We support clients, architects and planners with our know-how in the planning of medical technology systems and equipment. From feasibility studies, to rough planning in the design phase, to execution planning, supplier support, quality assurance during construction and commissioning.

CDP SWISS AG Hall 2 / A 2025

Lumenis - AcuPulse

MultiModeTM, SuperPulseTM, CO2 Laser Platform: Your gateway to the future of aesthetic and women’s health solutions. We don’t just build technology, we create a world of solutions

TDK Electronics AG Hall 2 / F 2193a

Controlling the chemistry in plasma sterilization

Different microorganisms react differently to the chemical composition coming from atmospheric pressure plasma. The advanced process control in the plasma reactor MediPlas™ can selectively enhance the biocidal effect of ozone, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen peroxide, or acids.

BIBUS AG Hall 2 / C 2071

Life Science System Solutions

BIBUS supplies proven and innovative drive and damping technology, as well as fluid control systems that are precisely adapted to your process. This shortens time-to-market while reducing system complexity and your costs.

bardusch AG Hall 2 / A 2005

GMP-Annex 1 in focus: How to fulfil the highest standards with the right cleanroom textiles

In a world where the requirements for the production of sterile pharmaceuticals are constantly increasing, choosing the right cleanroom textiles is crucial. bardusch AG, with a tradition of 150 years, is at the heart of this development and offers customised solutions.

FISA Ultrasonic Cleaning S.A. Hall 2 / D 2107a

Ultrasonic cleaning and surface treatment in medical technology

More than 40 years of history: Since 1981, the FISA Group has specialized in research and development, design, engineering, production, sales and technical support of customized ultrasonic cleaning and surface treatment solutions.

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