Product Swiss Medtech Expo 2023

New high-performance biodegradable cutting oil from MOTOREX – sustainability is more than just a trend

Sustainability and environmental protection are two hot topics in industrial production. MOTOREX develops products that are increasingly environmentally friendly. The latest of these products is the biodegradable high-performance cutting oil SWISSCUT DECO BX.

Coolants and cutting oils are an important yet often underestimated factor in metalworking. If they are optimally coordinated to the machine, workpiece material and tools, then this results in increased productivity and precision, an extended service life for tools and machines, improved workpiece quality and reduced cleaning costs for both the workpieces and machines. Usually, they consist of synthetically manufactured oils that are adapted to the corresponding application with the addition of chemical additives. It is important that these substances remain in equilibrium. This requires careful observation and handling by the users, and also entails a complex disposal process.


With the new biodegradable cutting oil SWISSCUT DECO BX, MOTOREX has succeeded in bringing together maximum levels of performance and environmental protection. It is free from chlorine, zinc and other unwanted substances, yet still guarantees excellent cutting performance and process security. It is suitable for handling all metallic materials and allows for the problem-free machining of non-ferrous metals, titanium and high-alloy steels. Thanks to the use of high-quality ester-based oils and special additives, SWISSCUT DECO BX offers optimal corrosion protection both for machines and workpieces while also ensuring excellent cutting performance, which results in reduced tool wear and thus also reduced tool costs. Furthermore, the excellent cutting performance of the cutting oil also leads to reduced energy consumption.


SWISSCUT DECO BX meets the strictest criteria and requirements in terms of biodegradability and toxicity, is not considered cytotoxic according to ISO 10993-5, and is certified as a biodegradable cutting oil according to EN 16807. It biodegrades rapidly under natural conditions with oxygen and meets the requirements of OECD tests 301B, 201, 202 and 203. The OECD 301 A-F test series is used to inspect biodegradability. Class 301 B is required for cutting oils. 201, 202 and 203 are used to check criteria relating to ecotoxicity.


Good biocompatibility is key when using cutting oils for manufacturing implants in the medical industry and components in the watchmaking industry. As a result, MOTOREX cast a critical eye on this aspect in comprehensive tests and was not able to detect any negative impacts. SWISSCUT DECO BX is characterised by excellent compatibility with people, materials, machines and the environment. It has been developed primarily for customers who care about sustainability and want to play their part towards protecting the environment. Additionally, it is also classified as water hazard class 1 and is thus only minimally hazardous to waters – an aspect that can be a key advantage for users close to water in particular.


With SWISSCUT DECO BX, MOTOREX offers users a product that meets all the requirements of a high-performance cutting oil while also protecting the environment. In doing so, you no longer have to make any sacrifices in terms of cutting performance, human friendliness and material compatibility.


For decades, the Swiss lubricant manufacturer MOTOREX has been developing and producing water-miscible coolants, cutting and grinding oils, monitoring systems, and technical cleaning and care products for SMEs and global corporations in the industrial sector. A core area of its expertise is water-miscible coolants and cutting oils. Thanks to the cooperation with machine manufacturers and industrial customers, the products are backed by a wealth of valuable expertise.