Trade Fair Information

Optimal preparation for your trade fair visit

The website of Swiss Medtech Expo helps you prepare for your visit to the trade fair. You can compile an exciting watch list of exhibitor content and program points. You can also establish direct contact with the exhibitors and network with other interested parties.

The exhibitors at Swiss Medtech Expo are presenting a variety of products, services and innovative solutions. Prepare your visit to the trade fair to ensure you do not miss anything. The website offers plenty of tips for a successful trade fair visit.

Prepare a watch list

You can use the "Note" button to add interesting exhibitors, innovations, products, services and presentations to your watch list. At Swiss Medtech Expo you can then call up your list on your smartphone so you do not miss anything!

Contact exhibitors

Have you found an exhibitor on the website you would like to meet? On the website, you can contact them directly, send them a message or arrange a meeting during the trade fair. 

Online networking

The networking feature also enables you to find or be located by other potential visitors to Swiss Medtech Expo. On the website, you can publicly indicate the topics and exhibitors that interest you or the presentations you will attend at the symposium. You can also view this for other interested professionals. You can find them, see their interests, contact them directly and then meet with them at the Swiss Medtech Expo.

This way, your visit to the trade fair is guaranteed to be a complete success.

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