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The RMS Foundation is an independent service laboratory and research institute. The range of services offered by this non-profit organization includes material testing, chemical analysis, advisory services, training as well as technology transfer.

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RMS Foundation July 25, 2023

Monoclinic Phase Content in Y-Stabilized Zirconia (ISO 13356)

Y-stabilized zirconia polycrystal (Y-TZP) is an exceptionally hard and tough ceramic material which can transform to a mechanically weak monoclinic phase. To ensure lasting stability of Y-TZP implants, RMS now offers an accredited material verification service.

Swiss Medtech Expo 2023

RMS Foundation June 26, 2023
Best Practice

Optical deformation measurement in static and dynamic tests

Sensors that provide information on displacement and acceleration are often used to characterise the movement of components. With a dynamic optical measurement system, such data can be obtained without contact and with relatively little effort.

Swiss Medtech Expo 2023

RMS Foundation January 13, 2021

Particle analysis after dynamic loading of medical devices

Many medical devices consist of several components and are exposed to cyclical loads during use. Resulting micromovements can generate abrasion particles. To prove the safety of a product, it is often necessary to determine the type, quantity and size of the wear particles.

RMS Foundation August 19, 2020

Determination of the cleanliness of medical devices

The quality and safety requirements for medical devices are becoming increasingly stringent. For this reason, the cleanliness of medical devices is being examined more closely.

Swiss Medtech Expo 2021

RMS Foundation June 10, 2020

How to measure topography and roughness

Surface structure and roughness play an important role in a variety of applications. In dental and orthopaedic implants, for example, the microstructure is decisive for the ingrowth of the bone. Learn how to reliably measure roughness and topography.

RMS Foundation April 2, 2020

Fatigue Resistance of AM-Structures

A special grid structure made of Ti6Al4V was deposited on a bar using additive manufacturing (AM). There were small metallic droplets on the surface. Fatigue tests resulted in early failures because of the higher hardness of the AM-structures and the interface compared to the bulk material.

RMS Foundation June 3, 2019

Determination of particle cleanliness of a medical device

Particulate impurities in the medical device used endanger the safety of the patient. A tailor-made method was developed for the manufacturer of an abdominal dressing set to identify the particulate impurities and evaluate them toxicologically.

RMS Foundation June 3, 2019

Corrosion resistance of laser markings

The need for marking of medical devices leads to questions about their resistance. For a manufacturer of orthopaedic implants, RMS tested the corrosion resistance of laser markings with the EC-Pen, which enabled the resistance of medical products to be specifically optimized.

Swiss Medtech Expo 2019

RMS Foundation January 29, 2019

Inorganic analysis of traces by ICP-MS

ICP-MS is an extremely sensitive technique that allows simultaneous quantification of 70 elements down to trace levels in the μg/L or sub-μg/L range, and can therefore handle a large variety of analytical challenges.

Swiss Medtech Expo 2019

RMS Foundation August 7, 2018

Testing the mechanical seal strength of blister packs

When determining the mechanical seal strength according to ASTM F2824, the force required to pull off the blister lid at exactly 45° is determined. The results serve for quality assurance of the packaging and help to assess the uniformity of the sealing seam.

Swiss Medtech Expo 2019

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The RMS Foundation is a service laboratory and research institute. The range of services offered by this independent non-profit organization includes materials testing, chemical analysis, advisory services, training as well as technology transfer. The RMS Foundation does its research in interdisciplinary cooperation in order to optimise the treatments of the human locomotor system. Testing services are provided on products of the medical and materials technology as well as on technical components.