Steiger Galvanotechnique SA

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Leader in the production and innovation of surface treatments for medical applications, space, electronics, precision mechanics including UV-LIGA Microelectroforming.

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  • S Material development
  • S Surface coating
  • S Surface cleaning
  • S Steril and low contamination packaging
  • S Printing, marking

About us

Approved surface treatments for medical applications are applied to titanium, stainless steel, and aluminium parts. Titanium and stainless steel materials are mainly used for implants and aluminium is used for instruments and apparatus components. Titanium can be anodised by three different processes: the colour anodisation (Biocoat®), the alkaline anodisation (Biodize®), and the glow discharge anodisation (Biocer®). Further surface treatments for Titanium and stainless steel are electropolishing (Biobright®) and passivation. For medical instruments in stainless steel or brass, a chromium layer, Medicrom, has qualified for temporary contact with internal organs. Different aluminium anodisations are well-suited for the treatment of instruments: the colour anodisation, the hard anodisation, and the Ematal which is suitable for contact with blood. For stainless steel external fixators where an antiseizing coating is required, the Ni-PTFE is a well-adapted solution.

Steiger Galvanotechnique SA offers a full package of services including not only the surface treatment but also the following steps: laser marking, final cleaning in biological controlled water, packaging in clean room, labelling and sterilisation. Steiger Galvanotechnique SA offers a transport service to simplify logistics and customs clearance formalities for customers near the Switzerland border.

Steiger Galvanotechnique SA is very innovative in the development of new surface treatments and can offer solutions for bioactive and biofunctionalised surfaces on implants.


two validated surface treatments are offered: the glow discharge anodisation Biocer® and the SLA functionalisation. Furthermore, the final cleaning, packaging in clean room ISO7, labelling and sterilisation are also provided.

SPECTRACOAT®is our latest development which consists of a coloured, wear-resistant coating, applicable on titanium, stainless steel, copper alloys, as well as on ceramics and plastics. The coating is appropriate for skin contact and is biocompatible, implantable and radio-opaque. SPECTRACOAT® is suitable for medical applications as well as for jewelry and watches.

Steiger Galvanotechnique SA is certified as conforming to ISO 13485:2016; ISO 9001:2015.