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IFTEST AG January 10, 2024

Biophotonics experts visit Iftest

Over 30 renowned biophotonics experts visited Iftest AG in late September 2023. Taking advantage of their attendance at the EPIC Technology Meeting, this representants from the industry and Academia visited our production facility in Wettingen and were amazed at its performance.

Brütsch Elektronik AG October 20, 2023

Product idea creation by recombination of firm knowledge - a case study in a Medtech company

Innovation is a key element of a company's success. This speech presents a procedural framework for new product idea generation, tailored to medium-sized technology companies. The framework leverages cross-divisional firm knowledge and was validated in a case study at Brütsch Elektronik.

Inuru GmbH October 13, 2023

Illuminating Health: Enhancing Medication Adherence through Innovative Luminous Labels

A discussion on the groundbreaking solution that addresses a pervasive challenge to our healthcare system - medication adherence. We explore how Luminous Labels for medicine/medical devices can potentially revolutionise patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and alleviate patient burdens.

Helbling Technik October 9, 2023

Systems Engineering for Medical Device Development – Example of an Eye Implant

MedTech often entails the development of highly complex systems. In this talk, we take the example of an eye implant to show how a structured systems engineering approach adds value to the engineering design process, while simultaneously helping with regulatory compliance.

Debiotech SA October 9, 2023

Improving patient’s life through smart design & engineering

Drawing on the principles of smart design and engineering, we constantly strive in our developments to transform healthcare to be more effective, more efficient and more patient-centric, thereby improving patients' lives. We will be presenting our approach and concrete results.

QUO AG September 25, 2023

Inclusive design approach to support tetraplegics in their daily challenge of closing zippers

The journey to create an industrialized and commercially available product to support tetraplegics in their daily zipper challenge. In this presentation, we will provide you with an insight into our holistic approach and present the process of ZipUp development, including a product presentation.

Health Tech Cluster Switzerland September 20, 2023

Digital Health & Therapeutics

Biogen aspires to transform how people living with neurological conditions are diagnosed, treated and monitored, by building global capabilities in personalized and digital medicine.

BIBUS AG August 15, 2023
Best Practice

Development heart-lung machine (HLM)

In Switzerland, eight dedicated students at ETH Zurich are setting new standards. Their project byPulse has a clear goal: risk-free operations on newborns with heart defects. How? With an MRI-safe heart-lung machine.

Swiss Medtech Expo 2023

Boston Micro Fabrication July 11, 2023

Carbon structures for tissue engineering

At the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Dr. Monsur Islam create carbon structures to create various scaffolds for cell tissue growth. For this purpose, a glass-like carbon material is used, which is created by carbonizing a 3D-printed blank.

Swiss Medtech Expo 2023

Swiss m4m Center AG July 7, 2023

As the use of additive manufacturing increases, so does the innovation of medical instruments

3D printing has many advantages for surgical instruments, is it in means of design iterations through rapid prototyping, optimization of specific functions, or even surgeon-specific tools becoming a real, fast and cost-effective possibility.

Swiss Medtech Expo 2023

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