Biophotonics experts visit Iftest

Over 30 renowned biophotonics experts visited Iftest AG in late September 2023. Taking advantage of their attendance at the EPIC Technology Meeting, this representants from the industry and Academia visited our production facility in Wettingen and were amazed at its performance.

Biophotonics at Iftest

Biophotonics is a subarea of photonics that researches interactions between light and biological organisms, tissues, cells and molecules. Specifically, it investigates how the internal structures of various organisms behave and how these structures react to chemical compounds and other external influences. On the one hand, this work produces valuable information for the development of new applications in medicine and healthcare. On the other hand, the researchers rely on high-precision electronic modules and components for their work. This interest was the reason for their visit to the Iftest manufacturing facility.

Nanoparticles injected into a tumour to use photothermal therapy

Nanoparticles injected into a tumour to use photothermal therapy.
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On their tour of our state-of-the-art production facility, the biophotonics experts were accompanied by an experienced management trio: Christian Kupper, CEO, Massimiliano D’Amore, Head of Sales/Marketing and Wolfram Ebner, Head of Process Engineering, led the group of visitors through the various installations and gave them an introduction to the company. Following the flow of materials, they showed the visitors all of the relevant production processes. The guests were particularly interested in precision and quality standards, both of which are vital aspects of successful research.

Other key topics included quality inspection, optical inspection and functional testing. The group of visitors were impressed with our modern and efficient in-house production and were in agreement that high-quality equipment development is vitally important when it comes to precise and sustainable research.

fully automated selective soldering unit

There was a great deal of interest in the complex, fully automated selective soldering unit.

Wolfram Ebner of Iftest explaining the soldering processes

Wolfram Ebner, Head of Process Engineering, explains the soldering processes.

Interesting behind-the-scenes insights

CEO Christian Kupper explained how production orders are allocated to the two Iftest locations in Switzerland and Slovakia. Technical assemblies are always developed and produced on an individual basis. As part of this process, our experts work closely with customers to find the optimum solution for their needs. Whether an order is carried out via the prototype track or the series production track is determined based on the lifecycle curve, the batch size and the complexity of the circuit boards. At the same time, sustainability of production and Swiss quality always represent key criteria.

Christian Kupper of Iftest talking to participants in the EPIC Technology Meeting

CEO Christian Kupper (left) talking to participants in the EPIC Technology Meeting.

Strong network for sustainable progress

As a successful EEMS service provider in the DACH region, Iftest AG is a network partner of Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare in Villigen.

the European Photonics IndustryConsortium (EPIC), Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare in Villigen (left in picture) and the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI.

Working together for sustainable photonics research: the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC), Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare in Villigen (left in picture) and the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI. Image: Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare

This year, Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare hosted the EPIC Technology Meeting. As the world’s leading industry association and intermediary for technical and commercial progress, the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC) promotes a lively photonics ecosystem in sustainable development and represents around 800 companies. With its extensive network, it works to accelerate upand-coming photonics markets.

The Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare supports technology-intensive companies to quickly transform their ideas into marketable products and services by networking them with the cutting-edge research carried out by the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW. It is one of six Swiss innovation parks under the umbrella of Switzerland Innovation. Switzerland Innovation promotes the development of projects that focus on real market applications by supporting research groups from Swiss universities as well as start-ups and SMEs with collaborations, services and infrastructure. In addition to a partner network, the park also offers temperature-stable and vibration-free laboratories as well as office space for rent or self-development.

Products for the highest demands

On their tour through our production facility, the visitors could see for themselves that considerable technical expertise goes into the development and production of Iftest products, which therefore meet the highest standards.

If we’ve sparked your interest and you’d like to learn more about Iftest, please don’t hesitate to arrange a visit with Jürgen Schulz, Head of Technology.