Innovation Symposium: Out-of-the-box topics

By definition, medical technology is interdisciplinary, innovative and future-oriented. Attend the Innovation Symposium at the Swiss Medtech Expo to gain inspiration for new ideas about products and services.

The Innovation Symposium conveys expert knowledge – gained from practice, for use in practice. On Wednesday, 11 September 2019, experts will be speaking from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm about the background and projects currently underway that focus on "Out-of-the-box topics".


  • Rückstandsfreie Oberflächenbearbeitung von Implantaten
    Philipp Roth, Jet Clean Systems AG
  • Prozesssicherheit in der Medizintechnik durch Feinschneiden 
    Thomas Hauser, Feintool System Parts Lyss AG
  • Imagio Health: Effizient und spielerisch aus- & weiterbilden
    Rainer Svacinka, Sumo Technologies
  • Qualität 4.0: Automatisierte Inspektion
    Lau­ren En­ghi­en, Nikon Metrology



Some presentations will be held in German.